Our Services

If your goal is to reach the largest audience of unilingual Inuktitut readers and listeners, Tusaajiit Translations is prepared to make your deadline our priority. Depending on the audience, the translation can be tailored to reach a vast majority of bilingual Inuktitut-English readers and listeners, including many whose first language is English. We provide all current Word formatting applications for many different styles of required documents, that include statutes, laws, correspondence, listings in Excel sheets, Power Point productions for your audience, pdfs for printing and reports created as Word applications.

We have a proven track record with delivery of translation services to a wide range of government departments, Inuit beneficiary organizations, industry, media and others.

Tusaajiit Translations has been bonded, frequently works under conditions of confidentiality, has access to secure communication methods and provides timely service in accepting contracts and delivering the results professionally.