Our Story

Our Story

With over 20 years experience specializing in cross cultural communications, Tusaajiit Translations offers professional interpretation and translation services in Canada with its head office in Yellowknife, NT. Our focus is ensuring that all your communications requirements in the Inuktitut language are accurate, localized and timely for your requirements.

We work with the best translators, interpreters, proofreaders and editors. We offer our clients high levels of service and quality.  We have a team of skilled translators that are dedicated to client service, the pursuit of excellence, and to delivering the right product on time and on budget. We love the work that we do and care passionately about getting things done absolutely right for you to be a success. Tusaajiit Translations provides services to companies and businesses in the private sector and all levels of government in the public sector. We provide the highest professional and culturally accurate translations, language interpretation, and other language-related services. For additional information about Tusaajiit Translations services, please contact us.




As a woman of Inuit descent, Tusaajiit Translations’ owner Suzie Napayok-Short  has a sound knowledge of Inuit traditions, craftsmanship and the traditional Inuit philosophy of life.

She is able to analyze clothing and cultural items, particularly those made of traditional materials, something she attributes to her mother’s expertise in sewing and creating. She has access to those with the knowledge of the correct specific Inuktitut words for various species of fish, the varieties of seals, plus the different locations of the Arctic caribou herds, the locations of the different polar bears, depending on their gender and age, the numerous species of whales, and other wildlife, birds and creatures of the sea. She also has current files on traditional place names held by the Inuit for thousands of years, complete with specific locations and their translations.

Suzie is intimately familiar with the traditional parkas, amautiit, mukluks, kamiit, mitts and gloves, including the identification of regional and international Inuit sewing designs, styles and originating materials.