Testimonials: Here is a sample of the many testimonials Suzie Napayok-Short has received over the years from appreciative clients.

John Todd: Former Minister of Finance, NWT Legislative Assembly

I was a member of the Legislative Assembly from 1991 until 1999 as both an MLA and Cabinet Minister. During that time the work of the interpreter corps, dealing in more simultaneous languages than any other jurisdiction in Canada, was outstanding.

Suzie Napayok was one of the best and did an amazing job both in the oral and written work that needed to be done during my time there. They interpreted at all levels with complicated government documents to the simultaneous interpretation during sessions of the Legislative Assembly.

It was difficult work given how many languages were used during this period and their ability to keep all members fully informed was a feat of its own.

I would have no problem recommending Suzie to any organization looking for a professional language translator.

Andrew Tagak: Former supervisor at the Language Bureau in Iqaluit, NWT

Suzie, you were one of the best interpreter/translators I had here in Iqaluit and in the Legislative Assembly. You were able to get the job done that was assigned to you. One thing that I was never worried about was your Inuktitut language because you were good at it.

Your translations of written language was also very good. I didn't need to proofread your Inuktitut translations and the great job you were doing made my life easier as your boss at the time.

Myles Moreside: Retired Director, Corporate Services at Legislative Assembly of NWT

Suzie is an exceptional interpreter/translator. She provides detailed, precise translations in a language that is still developing its vocabulary. Her interpretation/translation helped legislators recommend territorial budgets and legislation.

Glenn Werkman, Editor, Nunavut News/North, Northern News Services Ltd., Yellowknife, NWT

Suzie Napayok-Short has proven to be a professional expert translator from English to Inuktitut as Head of Translation Services for Northern News Services. Her duties include completing translations for time-sensitive news stories, columns, headlines and captions over a three-day period. She is often called upon to complete translations within a 24-hour turnaround time. Suzie then proofreads the newspaper galleys to ensure the Inuktitut and the English content matches on the page, and that the translation is accurate in the context it is presented.

Suzie has demonstrated countless times her dedication to accuracy and attention to detail, including instances when she has discovered errors in the English news copy. Suzie has been called the best translator of written Inuktitut available today. I have no reason to question that assessment.

Dawn Andrews, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Government of Canada

During our consultation meetings on Peary caribou, people commented on how impressed they were with the accuracy of the Inuktitut translations you did. Thank you!!!